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Services We Offer

Office Furniture Reconfiguration

In an ever changing work environment we know your company would like to stay abreast of the newest innovative furniture and we can help. Reed’s Installations will tear down and remove all existing furniture. We will then reconfigure the furniture to accommodate space, aesthetics and overall first impressions.

Office Furniture Relocation

We are happy to know that your business is expanding and we are here to help. Reed’s Installation will visit your current location and provide a quote within 48hrs for your relocation. We will carefully tear down and safely transport your furniture to its new location where we will assemble your new office space.  We are more than pleased to be able to assist in your growth.

Workstation and Office Installation

Reed’s installations can handle any job ranging from delivering a chair, installing executive desks to assembling hundreds of workstations and all there accessories (file cabinets, task lights, key board trays etc.). We are experienced in working with several modular systems.

Warehousing and Storage

Reed’s Installations can assist with your warehousing and storage needs. Sometimes products come in before you are ready to begin your installation but there is no need to worry. We will house your products in a safe environment until you are ready for their delivery and Install. Remember we are here for your office needs and we are just a call away.

Delivery and Receiving

With Reed’s Installation you are able to order your furniture from any source and have it delivered to our warehouse where your product will be thoroughly inspected and inventoried. We’ll provide the storage until you’re ready for your new furniture.  To ensure efficiency and dependability Reed’s Installations maintains our own fleet of trucks and equipment.

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